Yet another Raspberry Pi cluster - Part 1

To get to know Hadoop and Docker swarms I decided to build a 4-node Raspberry Pi cluster. As everybody I wanted to have it as compact as possible with few as possible wires to attach. In contrast to most other builds I chose the vertical hamburger setup in order to enhance airflow. However I don’t think it’s really necessary. The buns of the hamburger are made of aluminum because I like the look and enjoy to work with the material. Also there is a nice website thats selling scrap aluminum parts for a good price, its linked below.

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For the power supply I decided to go with an Anker USB Charger 40W since I saw it working well for others. I even managed to power the Cisco switch from the same power supply which saved me to have two power chords running to the cluster.

I like the edgy look of the aluminum but don’t let your children fall on it or avoid throwing it around since the corners are really sharp. To avoid scratches on the table I added a protective ribbon but it doesn’t look too nice (not shown below).

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